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Around here you can pick up big cans of kidney beans at the 100yen store, of all places, which is lucky as my boyfriend is also mad for chilli and I end up making it every couple of weeks. Next time I might have a shot at the cornbread too, now I have photographic proof it can be made in a toaster oven :)


I just came across your blog a couple of months ago and have enjoyed reading about your cooking adventures. I live in Himeji, Japan and was surprised to see cilantro in your picture! Where can I get fresh cilantro? Is there another name for it? I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide in helping me to locate it. I miss it so much!
Thank you, Taube


I'll have to add this to my "to make" list when I get back to Japan!


Anti-social after effects are prevented in these parts by epazote:


They also have dried anchos and ground ancho pepper... if you ever want to do a trade for some Japanese crafting mags or books, let me know! ;)

Chili looks great. I've been making mine with bison lately.


Cass, that's cheap! Prices have certainly gone down since the first time I made it, but now that I know how much easier on the stomach it is to soak and cook my own dried beans, I'll probably be avoiding the cans!
The cornbread was cooked in my convection/microwave oven, which is slightly bigger than a toaster oven. But you should be fine with your toaster oven.

Taube, cilantro shows up now and again in larger supermarkets, as well is import and ethnic food markets. It goes by a few names, including coriander, kousai, pakchi and shantsai (コリアンダー、香菜、パクチー、and シアンツァイ、respectively). You can also buy seeds and try growing it yourself- planting season is just around the corner! My plants usually die off quickly, but I'll be trying again this year.

Kat, how can you even think about that with all the good stuff you're eating!

Stasia, interesting! When I was a vegetarian I swore by Beano, but I've never heard of Epazote. And a trade is a great idea!


Always good to hear that B. Morocco is still a'rootin' and tootin'.



That's it old man. You're banned!

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